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These are my two roomates Alyssa left Cassie right.

This is when we went to rocky point mexico. It was hella hot.


This is me an my girlfriend. Such a perfect match.

Us again

This is our house in Scottsdale, AZ. It was the best party house it had a tight lay out with a huge back yard to accomidate lots of people I had a huge stereo system connected threwout the house. It is a 3 bed 2 bath with living room and a game room and two back porches. We used to have big parties here every weekend. It was at the perfect location right acroos the street from the most popular clubs in Arizona Axis Radius, Sanctuary, Malonies Bar, Lucky seven and many many more. We used to go to the bar or club accross the street and bring a bunch of people home and have the keg filled allready and just charge 5 buck a head and shit I would almost make enough for my rent.

This is th ping pong table very fun to play drunk we made alot of drinking games with it that evolved trying to hit the other persons beer while playing etc In this room we alos had a dart board.

Our two dogs Bobby left and Eeddee right. We used to stap a home survaliance cam little eeddee's back during parties and she would run around displaying sound and video on the tv. It was so funny o watch.

The top picture is at our old apartment we lived at for a while. Tommy left, Cassie top, and Drunk Josh Lower right. The Bottom Pic is at our house Josh, me, Katie josh's girl on the lower right and Juliana.

My friends Warner right and Matt left.

These Girls kicked it almost ever night at the house. Cassie my girl far left, Jen, Katie, and Candy. Kevin is in the background he is Katies Girlfriend.