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ALL WAXED UP 9/14/03

I bought an orbital buffer with a foam pad which I think was one of the best investments for my car. I wax it using the orbital once a month using a carnuba wax with a little bit of swirl remover mixed with it. It takes all of the spiderweb scratches out of the paint and when the sun is directly on the paint all you see is glossy, shiny, jet black paint with no swrirls or spiderweb marks. Everyone says It look better then showroom paint.

Soon I will slam it to the ground it probably around 10/15/03. I will drop it using sport tunned 2" drop spindles by Belltech in the front and 3" blocks by Belltech in the back. The drop will run about 345. It will put the bottom of the fenders level with the top of the tires. The tires will barely tuck in the fenders.

I used Falken Ziex tires on my 16x8.5 rim for hook up. These tires are awesome they never wearout at have really good traction. The size 235/60/R16 only run a piece. The chrome tip is made by Magnaflow.

New pic as of 5/12/03 of 2" drop in the rear to level it out.

I had to put the reflective license plate cover on since down here in AZ they have cameras set up every where to get you for red light running and in a few select locations they get you for speeding also. We also have vans that move all over town and set up in locations that are hidden and bust you for speeding. I recieved two in the mail allready raising my insurance sky high. Hopefully the tint on the window will help out because if they cant see who is in the vehicle you cant get a ticket.

I painted the trim above the rear windows factory gloss black to make every thing in the rear look uniform. I think it made a big diference in the apperance. The carbon fiber tails have red LED cluster bulbs which blind people when I hit the brakes. I also added hyper white bulbs to help backing up because of the double limo tint. Soon I will have a reverse camera flush mounted in my bumber hooked up to a tv up front.

This rim will be gone soon. And just imagine how good it will look with a 20" MHT FOOSE SPANK rim on a Falken Ziex 245/35/R20 tire it will barely tuck in fender and look soo tight.

Hypertech, Poweraid, JBA, K&N, Flowmaster

Damn I love the Vision 6000K HID Kit.

This is a pictures to show you the reflection of the front drivers side window tint. Also it shows the other two rides which get to be in the garage they are a 97' BMW Roadster with a 2.8 straight six that is dinan chiped with a full cat back exhaust that sounds like supra exhaust, K&N cold air intake, Stong Strut Chrome stableizer bar, with 17's. The other is a 97' Tahoe SS on 18's, you now think SS what is that, it actually is just a badge, but this thing still ripps I love V8 power.

My lights are hella Bright I have a HID Ballast like the mercedes use for the XENON gas charged lights. Very nice for night driving. Worth 300 the bucks.