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This is the Crew at the old apartment we would kick it every night while still going to school full time and working. Don't ask me how we did. Redbull helped me out alot.
My Best Friend in AZ Josh.
Jen and roomate Alyssa with a Fattie Bo Batti
Oh My God I loved this Girl she was so hot.
Another hottie in th limo with us.
These Girls could drink I swear the one on the left did a 4 minute keg stand at my house!
This is T he has been retired from the game for a few years. Has the fattest ride evert a black tahoe SS on 22's with a hella loud stereo and tv's. He has always kicked i for the last few years, but just got arrested and was taken to a jail out of state I guess he did something really bad in Michigan.